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Do yourself a favor and start going to these reviews. The material covered is exactly what you need in your arsenal for success and he makes learning interesting (something I feel professors lack at times unfortunately). We may be stuck with taking certain professors for some of these classes but we are not stuck only learning from them. Carty for president.

- AJ Chavez

Virtual Tutoring

Courses offered:

Electrical Engineering


electronics 1

logic design

electromagnetic fields

control theory

Mechanical Engineering




fluid mechanics

vibrations and control


on demand: $5-10 (depending on request)

ask your question in the chat box or email me

(15 minute video call to clear up concepts     -  OR  -     video of me solving a problem of your choice)

individual: $40/hr

Group of 2: $30/hr 

Groups of 3-4: $20/hr

Groups of 5+: $10/hr

All prices are per student

monthly Packages:

2sessions/week (~10hr/month): $300 -  save $100

3sessions/week (~15hr/month): $440 -  save $160

4sessions/week (~20hr/month): $560 -  save $240

Appointment Bookings

please set up all appointments via the chat box or email. my day-job schedule is not a typical one, so we will have to compare availability times and agree on tutoring on a week-by-week basis. see below for booking guidelines.`

Booking Guidelines:

For any special cases you wish for us to consider (anything against or not in the guidelines), please send me an email.

- tutoring Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. 


- All appointments may be rescheduled up to 6 hours before the appointment starting time with no penalty. Any changes made within the 6 hours before the appointment must be handled via email and will result in a $5 "Late Appointment Change" fee.

- If the student does not show up within 30 minutes of the appointment start time, the appointment will be cancelled, and the student will be charged a $5 "Missed Appointment" fee.

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