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The Ultimate supply resource for tackling College

Are you gearing up for the exciting pursuit of an undergraduate engineering degree? Don't stress about shopping for supplies! carty's all-in-one Engineering Essentials college supply Bag has everything you need to ace your first semester and every one after. Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting for supplies and hello to a stress-free start to college life. buy now and upgrade your college experience!


Carty's engineering essentials college supply bag

Discover the Engineering Essentials Bag—a game-changer for aspiring engineers! With supplies meticulously curated for all 4 years of study, from textbooks to calculators and beyond, it's the ultimate companion for academic success. Need that fancy graphing calculator with a protractor set for your analyses? Carty's provides. Need specialty engineering paper or drawing/designing utensils? Carty's provides. Need a variety of miscellaneous tools and stationaries because you never know what your professors or peers may ask of you? CARTY'S. PROVIDES! Say goodbye to last-minute scrambles—our all-rounded kit ensures you're equipped from day one. Streamline your journey, focus on learning, and make the most of your college experience. Start your college journey on the right foot and elevate your academic experience with our comprehensive Engineering Essentials Bag!  

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You'll get:

Carty's Book Bag


Digital Tape Recorder

10 Piece Math Kit

USB+C FlashDrive





Engineering Paper

Printer and Lined Paper

Composition Books


Index Cards


Office Tape

Hole Puncher



and more

Inside our college supply bag

consider upgrading
with our study-boost
mega bundle:

  • 4 years access to the Carty's Study Bank

  • Engineering Reference Handbook

  • Carty's Quick-Books: Circuits - Solving Techniques

  • Carty's Quick-Book: Dynamics - Kinematics

  • 50 hours of tutoring

  • 4 Academic Consulting Sessions

  • Carty's Quick-Notes: Circuits - Solving Techniques

  • Carty's Quick-Notes: Dynamics - Kinematics

  • 4 Career Consulting Sessions

  • 30% off merch. 4 years.


Why Do You Need Carty's engineering essentials college supply bag?

The notes are a god send. The way they’re color coded and organized makes everything much easier to understand. Mr. Carty’s explanations are always clear and concise with -actually- helpful examples.

Greta Rodriguez

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