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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering dynamics

Want to solve even the toughest dynamics problems with ease? Look no further than Carty's Quick-Books for dynamics! Our comprehensive guide is packed with proven techniques and valuable information that will help you master 2d kinematic analysis in no time. With our special hardcopy edition, you'll receive a physical copy of the guide that you can take with you anywhere. Order now for just $30 and start solving dynamics problems like a pro!

Carty's Quick-Books for dynamics. 2d particle motion  

Carty's 101 "Dynamics - Particle Kinematics (Motion)" is a comprehensive hardcopy book designed by an experienced engineering tutor to help students master the art of solving kinematics problems. With clear explanations, step-by-step approaches, numerous examples, and practice problems, this book is an excellent resource for students who struggle with understanding Dynamics. Its user-friendly layout and clear diagrams make it easy to follow, making it an essential tool for self-study or as a supplement to classroom learning. With its emphasis on problem-solving skills, "Dynamics - Particle Kinematics (Motion" is a must-have resource for any engineering student looking to excel in their studies and professional career.


You'll Learn:

  1. Introduction to Motion

  2. Constant Acceleration

  3. 2D Analysis and Vectors

  4. Projectile Motion

  5. Dependent Motion

  6. Relative Motion

  7. Normal-Tangential Coordinates

  8. Radial-Transverse Coordinates

Inside Carty's Quick-Books for dynamics


Included in Every Chapter:

  • Practical application for each topic

  • No fluff. core concepts and equations

  • Solving methods with tips and misconceptions

  • So many examples! 

  • Traditional examples to get the hang of solving

  • Interactive examples to prove your understanding

  • Quizzes

  • Space for extra note taking

  • Make the notes personal and geared to your class

  • Short and easy to read

  • No technical term overload so anyone can get it

Why Do You Need Carty's Quick-Book for dynamics. 2d particle motion?

The notes are a god send. The way they’re color coded and organized makes everything much easier to understand. Mr. Carty’s explanations are always clear and concise with -actually- helpful examples.

Greta Rodriguez

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