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Do yourself a favor and start going to these reviews. The material covered is exactly what you need in your arsenal for success and he makes learning interesting (something I feel professors lack at times unfortunately). We may be stuck with taking certain professors for some of these classes but we are not stuck only learning from them. Carty for president.

- AJ Chavez

Weekly review livestreams are here!

 Missed this past few weeks reviews? No prob. I'll have them saved :D


At the weekly review sessions I cover all of the material that was learned in the past week of class and start to cover what student should expect to see in the next week.

these are a great way to catch up with any material that you may have missed or just plain didn't understand. unless OTHERWISE STATED, THERE WILL BE A SESSION EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

LOCATION: fiu. eC 1116

Price: $15 PER STUDENT

Pay By: Cash, card, venmo, cashapp, zelle, paypal

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